Permissions Requests

To ensure prompt and efficient response, Annual Reviews refers all permission requests to the Copyright Clearance Center (CCC) for processing. We have authorized CCC to grant permission for reproducing our materials and to collect royalty fees on our behalf. In our view, CCC has an outstanding service record and performs an important role in facilitating copyright compliance.

Please contact CCC directly. You should receive a response from them within a week.

Annual Reviews Authors: There is no need to obtain permission from Annual Reviews for the use of your own work(s). Our copyright transfer agreement provides you with all the necessary permissions. Our copyright transfer agreement provides:

“…The nonexclusive right to use, reproduce, distribute, perform, update, create derivatives, and make copies of the work (electronically or in print) in connection with the author’s teaching, conference presentations, lectures, and publications, provided proper attribution is given…”

All other requests should go through the CCC Online granting service.

Or send your letter of request to:

Copyright Clearance Center
222 Rosewood Drive
Danvers, MA 01923 USA
Telephone: 978-750-8400
Fax: 978-750-4470
Email: [email protected]

Depending on your request, your brief letter should specify the required information below.

For requests to reprint material in another work:

  • title, edition and copyright year of the Annual Reviews volume
  • author and name of article
  • exact material, including page numbers and figure numbers, for which permission is requested
  • author and title of the work in which the material will appear
  • publisher and publication date of the work in which the material will appear
  • format/media of the new work