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Founded in 1932, Annual Reviews provides researchers, professors, and scientific professionals with a definitive academic resource in more than 45 scientific disciplines. Annual Reviews saves you time by synthesizing the vast amount of primary research literature and identifying the principal contributions in your field. Editorial committees comprised of the most distinguished scholars in the discipline select all topics for review, and the articles are written by authors who are recognized experts in the field. Annual Reviews publications are among the highest cited publications by impact factor according to the Journal Citation Reports® published by Thomson Reuters.

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Annual Reviews is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization.

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About the Annual Reviews site

Annual Reviews content pages bring you a variety of features including:

  • Password Protected User Profiles
  • Favorites Lists
  • Custom Email Alerts
  • Saved Searches

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How To Register As An Individual Or Institutional User

Choose a unique user name and password and complete our registration form.  You will receive an email confirming your account information shortly after registering.

For registration assistance, contact [email protected] or complete our feedback form.

Profile Area – Use The Profile Area To Customize Your Online Experience

Once you have registered with Annual Reviews you can customize your profile in the My Account section of the site. Within the My Account section you can:

For assistance with your profile, contact [email protected] or complete our feedback form.

Forgotten Username/Password – Password Reminder

Your username and password can be emailed to the email address provided during registration process at any time. Follow these instructions to obtain your username and password via email. For username/password assistance, contact [email protected] or complete our feedback form.

Access Tokens – About Annual Reviews Access Tokens

Access tokens allow users to activate online access to one or more Annual Reviews subscriptions or gain access to individual articles on the Annual Reviews web site. To enter your access token, visit your profile page (registration required). For more details on how to place an order and gain online access, please see our General Order Information page.

For assistance with access tokens, contact [email protected] or complete our feedback form.

Accessing Annual Reviews Content

Institutions – Information For Institutional Subscribers

Current Institutional Subscriptions

If you are an institution with a current Online-Only or Print + Online subscription, you will have online access to Annual Reviews current content in the series to which you have subscribed. To gain access, you must activate your online access with your access token (sent direct from Annual Reviews). As of 2008, any subscription that includes online access entitles the user to permanent data rights to that volume, regardless of future subscription status.

New Institutional Subscriptions

You may follow your usual “new journal” ordering procedures to subscribe to one or more Annual Reviews series. Payment should be made to your vendor or directly to Annual Reviews. Once your journal vendor or Annual Reviews has received payment or has verified that you are a current subscriber, you will be sent an access token with which you can activate your online access. If you have multiple locations, please contact our Sales Department at [email protected] for more information.

Individuals – Information For Personal Subscribers

Current Personal Subscriptions

If you are an individual with a current personal subscription, you will have online access to Annual Reviews current content in the series to which you have subscribed. To gain access, you must activate your online access with your access token (sent direct from Annual Reviews). As of 2008, any subscription that includes online access entitles the user to permanent data rights to that volume, regardless of future subscription status.

New Personal Subscriptions

If you are not a current subscriber or if you would like a new subscription to the most recent volume of an Annual Reviews series, visit our order page. Once your journal vendor or Annual Reviews has received payment or has verified that you are a current subscriber, you will be sent an access token with which you can activate your online access.

Society Members – Information for Scientific Society Members

Frequently Asked Society Questions:

Can scientific society members order directly from Annual Reviews?

Some societies do allow you to order direct from Annual Reviews. Contact the Annual Reviews Customer Service department to inquire about your society's policy.

Can I order directly from Annual Reviews, apply my society discount, and also apply the 10% additional discount for starting a standing order?

At this time, discounts cannot be combined.

For additional information, please visit our Society Partnerships page.

Site License Customers – Information Specific to Site Licenses

All of the more than 45 Annual Reviews series are available as an integrated online product, accessible through a single site license. Please contact a site license representative for details or to discuss the benefits Annual Reviews has to offer your library and its online constituents.

Frequently Asked Site License Questions:

What is the difference between a site license and an Online-Only or Print + Online order?

A site license is the consolidation of all orders into one order for the year, or an order for one of our collections or a custom collection of Annual Reviews. A multi-location site license is also necessary when access is going to be made available at multiple locations.

Do customers need to sign a site license agreement for their Online-Only or Print + Online orders?

We do not require a signed agreement if the customer is ordering Online-Only or Print + Online orders. We only require this when an order for a site license is placed, or when the customer is going to make access available at multiple locations.

Is access based on a calendar year?

Permanent data rights are available with each volume purchased. Online access is available from the time the current year volume becomes available, and access remains available regardless of future subscriptions. Please see our publication schedule for the expected publication dates.

Do you offer consortia discounts?

Yes. Please contact our sales team, [email protected].

RIAs - Information About Reviews In Advance (RIA)

Some Annual Reviews series offer “Reviews in Advance” (RIA), bringing separate articles online earlier than the date indicated for the entire volume in the chart below. Reviews in Advance will be noted on each series home page, accessible via our journals home page.

Downloading to a Citation Manager

This feature enables you to download the bibliographic information (also called citation data, header data, or metadata) for the Annual Reviews articles on our site. (At present it doesn’t enable you to download metadata for the papers cited in the Annual Reviews article.)

  1. One or many?

    Download bibliographic data for one article, several articles, or an entire table of contents: The Download to Citation Manager feature is available both on our table of contents pages and at the top of each individual Annual Reviews article. On a table of contents page, use the checkboxes to gather metadata for several (or all) of the articles in an Annual Reviews volume.

  2. Citation manager or file format

    Use the radio buttons to tell the citation-download feature how to format the bibliographic data you're harvesting. Each format is suited to use by specific citation management software.

  3. The quick route to your citation management database

    In most cases, if you have citation management software installed on your computer your Web browser can initiate—during the download—the process of adding the Annual Reviews metadata to your reference database.

When you click the “Download article citation metadata” button:

Checked: When the checkbox is checked (the default state), your browser should pop up a dialogue box giving you the option to ‘Save’ or ‘Open‘. Choosing ‘Open‘ will either fire up your citation manager immediately or give you a choice of applications with which to use the metadata. Choosing the ‘Save’ option saves the file locally, named for use with the citation manager you selected.

Unchecked: When the checkbox is unchecked, the citation download feature simply displays the metadata within your browser window. Here you can merely view it or copy & paste it into another application.

Tips for Using PDF files

Read, save, and print our PDF (Portable Document Format) files with Acrobat Reader, a free utility available at Help with downloading may be found at For detailed Help with Reader, visit

Be sure Acrobat Reader (version 4 or higher) is installed on the computer you are using.

Use one of the links above to install Adobe's free utility, configured to work with your Web browser.

Downloading (Saving) PDFs.

You must first open Annual Reviews PDFs for viewing in Acrobat Reader before you Save them to your local disk. (Note: You cannot currently right-click the PDF link and choose Save Target As.)

Opportunities to download Annual Reviews article PDFs are offered:

  • along with Abstract and Full Text in each article’s Table of Contents entry
  • at the right-hand top of every Abstract page
  • at the right-hand top of every Full Text page
  • with every Search Results entry

Note: Downloading Annual Review PDFs requires either a subscription or an individual article purchase. Annual Review PDFs may be downloaded for personal use only.

Printing Annual Reviews article PDFs

PDFs are viewable on screen, but they were designed for downloading and printing. You must first open Annual Reviews PDFs for viewing in Acrobat Reader before you print them. Note: Printing Annual Reviews PDFs requires either a subscription or an individual article purchase and PDFs may be printed for personal use only.

How long will it take to download or print Annual Reviews PDFs?

The speed of a PDF download depends on the size of the PDF file (indicated in kilobytes at the PDF download link), the bandwidth of your Internet connection (e.g. from a slow 56K modem line at home to your institution's fast T-1 line), and the processing power of your personal computer. PDFs containing large and/or colorful images can take a long time to download over slow connections.

Trouble with a PDF?

Be sure you're using at least version 4 of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software. Many Annual Reviews PDF files are large. Work with one at a time, closing each before Opening, Saving, or Printing the next. Printing: If the PDF file is image rich or your computer or printer has little memory, try printing the PDF one page at a time. Help with downloading may be found at For detailed help with Reader, visit

How To Order

Pricing Information and Order Instructions

Pricing for Personal Subscriptions

For personal pricing information and order instructions, please see our Personal Pricing & Subscriptions page.

Pricing for Institutional Subscriptions

For institutional pricing information and order instructions, please see our Institutional Pricing & Subscriptions page.

Pricing and Order Instructions for Annual Reviews Electronic Back Volume Collection

For Electronic Back Volume Collection (EBVC) pricing and order information, please see our Electronic Back Volume Collection page.

Note: Prices are in USD and are for single locations. For multi-site institutional pricing, contact [email protected]. Sales to institutions in countries with withholding taxes will be subject to the appropriate surcharges.

Institutional Online-Only and Print + Online subscribers may also consolidate multiple orders into a single site license with just one invoice per year. Subscribers with multiple sites should contact Annual Reviews for a site license agreement.

Shipping Options

Postage is paid by Annual Reviews (Special 4th class / surface mail). Expedited service is also available. Street address and phone number required; P.O. Box, APO, FPO addresses are not acceptable.

Handling Fees

Handling charge required for all orders: Add $6 per volume (not to exceed $18 per ship-to location). Prices shown are in U.S. dollars. Handling fees are not subject to any discounts, and may be subject to US state sales/use tax or Canadian GST/HST.


US state sales/use tax or Canadian GST/HST may apply.

General Ordering Information

Prices and policies are subject to change without notice. We do not ship sample copies.


Prepayment required on new accounts in US funds, checks drawn on a US bank or charge to VISA, Diners Club, MasterCard, or American Express.

Institutional buyers

Please include purchase order. California Corp. #161041, ARI Federal ID #94-1156476.

Note: Telephone customers using university or corporate purchase orders must fax or mail a hard copy before shipment. FAX: 650-424-0910 or 650-855-9815 - 24 hours a day.

Students / Recent Graduates

Receive a 30% discount off the retail price. Please see more detailed information on our personal subscribers page.

Professional Society Members

Many societies offer Annual Reviews to members at reduced rates. Contact us for details. State and/or County sales taxes may apply, please contact [email protected] for more information. Canadian orders please remit applicable provincial sales tax. Registration #121449029 RT.

Booksellers and Subscription Agents

The new Annual Reviews current standard discount policy and ordering information for booksellers and agents is stated in the Annual Reviews Bookseller Discount Policy and is effective January 1, 2010. Please see our Terms & Conditions page for further information.

Frequently Asked Pricing & Publication Questions

What is the publication date of the Annual Review of XXXX?

Please see our Expected Online and Print Publication Dates page.

What is the ISBN number of the Annual Review of XXXX?

Please see our Librarian Resource Center for ISBN/ISSN numbers, or please call Customer Service at 800-523-8635.

Pay Per View Access – How to Access Annual Reviews on a Pay-Per-View Basis

All Annual Reviews articles, including articles from the Electronic Back Volume Collection, can be purchased on an individual basis. The price gives you access to a single article (including PDF download) for 7 days; your purchase also includes permanent rights to the PDF. Please make sure to download a copy.

Claims/Returns – The Annual Reviews Claims and Returns Policy

Annual Reviews Return Policy

Claims are accepted within 4 months of the ship date. No returns are accepted without prior authorization from Annual Reviews. We do not sell on a consignment basis. There must be a written request for any return indicating the titles, volume numbers, quantities, the related invoice and/or purchase order numbers, and the reasons for returning the goods. Authorization to return is only given in certain circumstances and when the request has been made within one year from the original invoice date. Upon receipt of an authorized return, we will grant full credit only if the materials are received in perfect resalable condition; otherwise, partial or no credit would be given for soiled or damaged returns. The handling fee and your special shipping option will not be refunded.

All returns should be sent to the following address:

Annual Reviews
2730 N 9th St.
Suite MG
Lafayette, IN 47904

All materials returned by a vendor are subject to a 15% restocking fee. Thank you in advance for your adherence to this Returns Policy.

Search Tips

Annual Reviews Search Functionality

Download a PDF of the search documentation

Boolean and Advanced Searching

You may constrain your search query on the Annual Reviews site using Boolean operators and modifiers or the search interface fields. These include:

Boolean Search Operator: AND

The AND operator will limit your search such that only articles containing all of the terms will be included in the search results.

For example, a search for public policy AND obesity will return results that include both search terms and discard results that related only to one or the other.

To conduct an AND search on the Annual Reviews site, you may use the Boolean operator AND or you may add additional search fields to constrain your search.

By default an AND relationship is assumed between search terms unless another operator is specified.

Boolean Search Operator: OR

The OR operator will return search results for either term used in a search query.

For example, public policy OR obesity will return results relevant to public policy or relevant to obesity, resulting in broader search results than would be returned using the AND operator.

Boolean Search Operator: NOT

The NOT operator is used to exclude terms from your search.

For example, a search can be run for (public policy AND obesity) NOT exercise and the returned results will be articles relevant to public policy and obesity but that do not mention exercise.

Note that placing NOT at the beginning of a search query is not supported unless you are searching within previous search results.

Searching for authors

To search for multiple authors, separate each author name with either AND or OR. Using AND will search for content that has been co-authored by the authors. Using OR will search for content that has been authored by either of the authors.

Searching for phrases

Enclose your search term with quotation marks to search for an exact match of that phrase. Without quotation marks, articles including all of the search terms somewhere in the article will be listed. For example searching for "civil war" will find articles containing that exact phrase.


Use a question mark (?) in a search term to represent any one character and use an asterisk (*) to represent zero or more characters. For example, searching for Europe* will find results containing Europe and European. Wildcards cannot be used at the start of a search term or when searching for phrases in quotes.


Search for DOIs using the format 10.1146/XXXX-XXXX-XXXX (do not add

Constraining Your Search by Content Type

You may constrain your search query using the dropdown menu on the left-hand side of the search field.

You can search Anywhere, in the Article Title, by Author, by Cited Author, by Keywords, within the article Abstract, or by Author Affiliation.


A search anywhere will search all available options and return any relevant results.

Article Title

A search constrained by Article Title will return results where the query is relevant to an article’s title.


A search by author will return articles written by a specific author.

Cited Authors

A search by Cited Authors will return articles that cite the author being search for.


A search constrained by Keywords will return results for articles that have been tagged with that keyword. Keywords on the Annual Reviews site are author-supplied.


A search constrained by Abstract will search within the abstract of an article. Older articles that do not have abstracts may still be returned by the search if their title contains a close match to the search query.

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